Our Vision

Trout.jpgThrough the Swan River Restoration Project, we envision a restored and self-sustaining Swan River stream and riparian corridor, defined by the following goals:

» Create a stable and healthy aquatic, riparian, and floodplain habitat capable of supporting a diversity of aquatic and terrestrial organisms;

» Design a recreationally functional open space, with new non-motorized trails that link existing recreational trails to the restored stream corridor and surrounding White River National Forest to support hiking, bicycling, fishing and other non-motorized recreational uses;

» Assure the preservation and interpretation of select historical sites and features of the Swan River Valley’s mining past, while supporting present and future needs and uses;

» Employ innovative and successful stream restoration techniques that can be replicated elsewhere throughout the region and beyond;

» Maintain a collaborative network of private landowners, public agencies and non-governmental organizations that remain committed to the long-term stewardship of the Swan River corridor.